Trinity Magazine Article by Joe Kim

September 16, 2011

If you are here because of Joseph Kim’s article “Where God was during Japan’s Earthquake” in the Trinity Alumni magazine, here are some links additional links that may be of interest to you.

Portions of the article can be read here

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Building COMPLETE!

September 5, 2011


Thank you for your prayers and support for our new campus! After months of repairs and earthquake reinforcement and weeks of cleaning, scrubbing, waxing and moving, we’re finally basically done! The CBI team and CBS students worked super hard. We’re just waiting on delivery of chairs, desks, and library bookshelves. The 200 chairs were graciously paid for by a donor and friend of our ministry. These all will be delivered on Thursday. More than 300 furniture pieces! Pray for us as our team will be doing a bulk of the delivery and unpacking to save money!

We’re thankful for more than $30,000 donated for our earthquake reinforcement campaign. We’re still about $100,000 short, so if you are willing please do spread the word to others who can help. And please do continue to pray! The reinforcement beams went up and look great. The $100,000 shortage was covered graciously by loans from Japanese Christians. We hope to be able to pay them back quickly.

Saturday Sept 10 and Sept 17 we will have two dedication services. The first will be more focused on the CBI family, CBS, and friends of the ministry. The second will be for Japanese pastors. Please remember these gatherings in prayer!

On behalf of the CBI team,


PS – here are some pictures!

2nd floor earthquake reinforcement beam

1st floor - future home of the Heart & Soul Cafe!

CBI sign is up!

In front of one of the two 1st floor earthquake reinforcement beams

60 Days of Prayer for CBI Japan: Join Us!

June 1, 2011


Almost exactly one year ago we were ending a 90-day period of prayer during which God amazingly provided $1.3 million which was used in March to purchase a wonderful new ministry center for CBI Japan in downtown Nagoya.

We would like to ask you to again join us for a critical period of prayer between today (May 31st) and July 31st.

Would you pray for us as much as the Lord brings us to your minds and hearts over the next 60 days?

The needs we’d ask for you to bring before the Father include:

1) prayer for the repairs and renovations that begin on our new ministry center on June 6th! It’s been a very complicated and difficult process and the prices have escalated because of a scarcity of construction materials due to the earthquake in Sendai. We need wisdom in what repairs and renovations to do with limited funding.

2) prayer for wisdom about the naming of the center. It’s a lot more complicated than you would think.

3) prayer for funding for earthquake reinforcement of the 1st and 2nd floors. We are praying to the Lord to provide the $130,000 needed for this critical reinforcement work to ensure safety against the Great Tokai Earthquake that is expected to hit our region within the next 30 years and be perhaps the most devastating earthquake Japan has ever experienced. Read more on our earthquake reinforcement needs by clicking HERE.

4) prayer for final approval by the Aichi Prefecture official for the religious non-profit use of our land/building. This should come around the end of July Lord willing.

5) prayer for the ministries that will occupy the new ministry center which will open in September. Future planned ministries include the Heart & Soul Cafe, a new All Nations Fellowship church plant, and various other outreaches and training.

Besides prayer and fasting would you please consider three other ways to help?

a) TWEET! You can follow my twitter account (ohfamily) and please re-tweet to your friends about our appeal for 60 days of prayer! Or you can post on facebook or any other social media. (Of course you can also print out this info and post it on your church or school bulletin board as well!)

b) DONATE! Click here to learn about how to make a donation!

c) ADVOCATE! Share with your church, Bible study, and friends about our prayer campaign and ministry. Our ministry site is

THANK YOU FRIENDS! God is moving in Japan! We’re excited and honored to play a part with God and with you!

On behalf of the CBI Team,

Michael Oh

Ownership Papers in Hand, Keys Received, Praise Rendered

February 28, 2011

This morning in Japan our final payment was made on the new CBI Japan ministry campus in downtown Nagoya. We praise God for His grace and faithfulness over the past months and years. It will be a wonderful joy to step into the building personally in 3-4 weeks. We’re getting more detailed estimates on repairs and renovations. These will be performed as the funds become available. Lord willing we hope to complete this all by July. Thanks for your prayers and the love you have shown to Japan.

May the Lord truly allow eternal fruit that increases to your account as you invest all that you are for His glory….

[17] Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that increases to your credit.
(Philippians 4:17 ESV)

Feb 22, 2011: Prayer Update – tax situation

February 22, 2011


Thank you again for your prayers and generosity for our new ministry campus. In a few hours our team will be visiting for our last inside look at the building before giving full payment on the 28th of February. Very exciting!

There is one last prayer request which will take us well into July unfortunately. While we will receive the ownership documents and the keys for the building in 6 days, we have asked the company to not finalize the sale officially until about July. The reason is that the Aichi government official who needs to sign off on the religious non-profit use of the building has stated that he will give approval only after seeing all of the repairs and renovations sometime in July. He needs to be convinced that the building will truly be used for religious purposes. In Japan the common idea of a religious building is a Buddhist temple or Shinto shrine. It is difficult for some to imagine using a building for religious purposes that was previously occupied by a business.

We just need to be patient. We ask for your prayers for a “really final” end to this drama! If you could persevere in prayer with us for the next 5 months or so we’d really appreciate it!

We’ve signed a contract with the company to protect us in the event of anything disastrous occurring to their business (like bankruptcy), etc. They are a well respected and publicly traded company in Japan which helps our situation.

So we’re continuing to raise funds for repairs and renovations. We ask for your prayers for that effort. Those will start as early as next month and will continue until possibly July. Lord willing we will have our Christ Bible Seminary graduation ceremony in the unfinished building on March 26th Saturday! It will be a joyful occasion!

Thank you for your partnership with us in this Gospel work for God’s glory in Japan!

November 30, 2010: Contract SIGNED & SEALED!!! THANK YOU LORD and THANK YOU FRIENDS!!!

November 30, 2010

This morning I woke up to the great news that indeed the contract for our purchase of the Nagoya property is now SIGNED and SEALED!!! Yesterday we wired our initial 10% payment with the remaining 90% due by February 28th.

9 months ago this blog was started announcing the amazing opportunity that the Lord provided to purchase a building 3 stops from Nagoya station valued during the real estate bubble at close to $8 million for $1.3 million. God’s people around the world responded to our call for 90 days of prayer and the Lord provided $1.3 million by around day 80. Then the property was *gone* with the business going bankrupt and the property seized by the court. Then the Lord brought an even MORE amazing property just 3-4 minutes WALK from Nagoya station with a land value during the bubble at $15 million (plus the building as well!) And now, after a dramatic journey over the past 6-7 months the Lord has amazingly allowed us to buy this even better property for around the same price.

The journey has in many ways just begun. We have additional financial needs ($200,000) for repairs and renovations needed on the building (funds that were lost because of the devaluation of the US dollar since May). We have legal procedures to deal with (for non-profit use of the building, registrations, meeting legal requirements in our repairs, etc.) We have the arduous task of packing and moving. And most importantly we have the challenge and excitement of preparing the ministries that will find a new home in the new campus including preparing to launch the Heart & Soul Cafe youth outreach ministry, All Nations Fellowship Downtown, a new church plant, and the relocation of Christ Bible Seminary and Christ Bible Institute.

But we, the CBI Japan team, want to express to you all, especially those of you who have stood by us for the past year in prayer and sacrifice, our heartfelt THANK YOU!!!

THANK YOU to the missionaries and national leaders from China, Japan, Latin America, Afghanistan, India, and other places who put in your two mites for the Lord for this campus purchase! $50,000 was raised through you!!!

THANK YOU to the CHURCHES that labored in prayer for us and for Japan through this project!!!

THANK YOU to the MANY of you whom we have never met who for the cause of Christ embraced our ministry and vision from sheer Biblical conviction!!!

THANK YOU to the missionaries in Japan (some of whom we’ve never met) who encouraged us and prayed for us and cheered us on in this common love for Christ and the Japanese!

and most of all THANK YOU LORD!!! You did what you alone could do!!! You were, are and continue to be our only TREASURE and HOPE!!! This story is YOUR story and the GLORY is ALL YOURS!!!

[1] May God be gracious to us and bless us
and make his face to shine upon us, Selah
[2] that your way may be known on earth,
your saving power among all nations.
[3] Let the peoples praise you, O God;
let all the peoples praise you!

(Psalm 67:1-3 ESV)

November 20, 2010 – Quick Update: CONTRACT SIGNING on November 30th in Japan!

November 20, 2010

Our final meeting with the real estate agent to go over the contract is on the 29th Monday and then the final contract with the selling company’s signatures/stamps will be delivered to us on Tuesday the 30th! At that time we will sign and wire a $100,000 initial payment to the company and the deal will be sealed!

We will update after the FINAL signing!!!

Just to let you know the process from here onward:

1) we have requested up to 3 months to give final payment – that is because we need that time to apply for our non-profit no-sales tax on this purchase. This will save us a LOT of money.
2) the company has requested final payment no later than Feb 28th. That should work out fine for us. If our non-profit process goes quicker than expected we will pay sooner. After that we get the keys!
3) we need wisdom and God’s favor as we do various paperwork/filings with the government including explaining our religious activities in the building including church, training, outreach, etc.
4) we need wisdom on when to bring funds from the US over to Japan into yen – will the exchange rate improve? Get worse? Only God knows – and we need His wisdom.
5) and like we mentioned in the last post – please pray for God’s favor and intervention in the exchange rate to strengthen the dollar versus the yen; and also for God to intervene in the hearts of His people to respond again in generosity and sacrifice towards raising the needed funds for repairs and renovations.

Thank you for standing with us in prayer and generosity! To God be the GLORY!!!