Feb 22, 2011: Prayer Update – tax situation


Thank you again for your prayers and generosity for our new ministry campus. In a few hours our team will be visiting for our last inside look at the building before giving full payment on the 28th of February. Very exciting!

There is one last prayer request which will take us well into July unfortunately. While we will receive the ownership documents and the keys for the building in 6 days, we have asked the company to not finalize the sale officially until about July. The reason is that the Aichi government official who needs to sign off on the religious non-profit use of the building has stated that he will give approval only after seeing all of the repairs and renovations sometime in July. He needs to be convinced that the building will truly be used for religious purposes. In Japan the common idea of a religious building is a Buddhist temple or Shinto shrine. It is difficult for some to imagine using a building for religious purposes that was previously occupied by a business.

We just need to be patient. We ask for your prayers for a “really final” end to this drama! If you could persevere in prayer with us for the next 5 months or so we’d really appreciate it!

We’ve signed a contract with the company to protect us in the event of anything disastrous occurring to their business (like bankruptcy), etc. They are a well respected and publicly traded company in Japan which helps our situation.

So we’re continuing to raise funds for repairs and renovations. We ask for your prayers for that effort. Those will start as early as next month and will continue until possibly July. Lord willing we will have our Christ Bible Seminary graduation ceremony in the unfinished building on March 26th Saturday! It will be a joyful occasion!

Thank you for your partnership with us in this Gospel work for God’s glory in Japan!


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