Building COMPLETE!


Thank you for your prayers and support for our new campus! After months of repairs and earthquake reinforcement and weeks of cleaning, scrubbing, waxing and moving, we’re finally basically done! The CBI team and CBS students worked super hard. We’re just waiting on delivery of chairs, desks, and library bookshelves. The 200 chairs were graciously paid for by a donor and friend of our ministry. These all will be delivered on Thursday. More than 300 furniture pieces! Pray for us as our team will be doing a bulk of the delivery and unpacking to save money!

We’re thankful for more than $30,000 donated for our earthquake reinforcement campaign. We’re still about $100,000 short, so if you are willing please do spread the word to others who can help. And please do continue to pray! The reinforcement beams went up and look great. The $100,000 shortage was covered graciously by loans from Japanese Christians. We hope to be able to pay them back quickly.

Saturday Sept 10 and Sept 17 we will have two dedication services. The first will be more focused on the CBI family, CBS, and friends of the ministry. The second will be for Japanese pastors. Please remember these gatherings in prayer!

On behalf of the CBI team,


PS – here are some pictures!

2nd floor earthquake reinforcement beam

1st floor - future home of the Heart & Soul Cafe!

CBI sign is up!

In front of one of the two 1st floor earthquake reinforcement beams


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