November 20, 2010 – Quick Update: CONTRACT SIGNING on November 30th in Japan!

Our final meeting with the real estate agent to go over the contract is on the 29th Monday and then the final contract with the selling company’s signatures/stamps will be delivered to us on Tuesday the 30th! At that time we will sign and wire a $100,000 initial payment to the company and the deal will be sealed!

We will update after the FINAL signing!!!

Just to let you know the process from here onward:

1) we have requested up to 3 months to give final payment – that is because we need that time to apply for our non-profit no-sales tax on this purchase. This will save us a LOT of money.
2) the company has requested final payment no later than Feb 28th. That should work out fine for us. If our non-profit process goes quicker than expected we will pay sooner. After that we get the keys!
3) we need wisdom and God’s favor as we do various paperwork/filings with the government including explaining our religious activities in the building including church, training, outreach, etc.
4) we need wisdom on when to bring funds from the US over to Japan into yen – will the exchange rate improve? Get worse? Only God knows – and we need His wisdom.
5) and like we mentioned in the last post – please pray for God’s favor and intervention in the exchange rate to strengthen the dollar versus the yen; and also for God to intervene in the hearts of His people to respond again in generosity and sacrifice towards raising the needed funds for repairs and renovations.

Thank you for standing with us in prayer and generosity! To God be the GLORY!!!


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