October 27: Offer SUBMITTED!

Friends – thank you again for your continued prayers! Yesterday we submitted an offer on the property! It has two options for them – option A is a higher price with a 3 month period of time where they are responsible for newly found problems/repairs. Option B is a slightly lower offer price with no responsibility period.

The higher price is actually the same exact price we had negotiated and signed with the previous real estate development company that dropped out. Unfortunately that price is now $200,000 higher because of the rapid drop of the US dollar value versus the yen.

We hope to hear from them within 7-10 days. They are a medium-sized Japanese company which means that decisions take time. However there is a November 11th board meeting which will motivate some urgency Lord willing. Basically x number of days before the board meeting we have to negotiate the terms of the sale (Lord willing). After that is agreed upon they will submit their proposal to their board for a straight up yes/no vote on the deal.

We’ve had challenges with them not moving quickly on decisions. Please pray that they will address this all and that it will be in time for the Nov 11th board meeting.

We’ve done a lot of research on the offer on the property. We’ve also come up to the limits of our ability to afford the property. We’ve been in vigilant prayer. We’ve turned to the Lord with no hope but in Him. Our hope isn’t in this property – we know that if the Lord has other purposes He will make that clear and it will reflect His faithfulness and mercies.

But this continues to seem to us to be an exceptionally unique and amazingly strategic opportunity. We’ll update as anything new comes up. Thank you for standing with us in prayer!!!


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