Corona BuildingOutside view of Corona building

After nearly three years of praying and searching we believe that we have finally found a golden opportunity to purchase property in downtown Nagoya.  The building is a four-minute walk from the Shin-Sakae train station, just one stop away from Sakae, which is the epicenter of youth culture and gatherings in Central Japan.  It is also just three stops away from Nagoya station, making Tokyo only one hour and forty-five minutes away and Osaka less than one hour away by bullet train.

The steel-reinforced concrete building is thirty years old (relatively old for Japan) and has five floors with a combined 7500 (not 3500; corrected 4/24/10) square feet of floor space (reasonably large by Japanese standards).  The land area is typically small for downtown Nagoya (2200 square feet), with space for only about two or three cars.  There are, however, nearby metered parking lots. We would use the first floor for office space and a reception desk.  It is already laid out for such purposes.

The second floor, which has a separate staircase near the building entrance, would be used for the Heart & Soul Café “safe space” ministry.

Classrooms and meeting rooms would occupy the third and fourth floors with the third floor also to be used as a larger hall for worship services.  The fifth floor would include study space and a library.

You can enter “35.170765,136.924962” at Google Maps (maps.google.com) or click HERE to see the property on a map and also see a street view of the property.  (It’s the skinny, umbrella-shaped building.)


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