October 14: Update on inspection, other emerging options….


I (Michael) leave for Cape Town, South Africa tomorrow for Lausanne III. You can learn more here (lausanne.org). I’d appreciate your prayers!

Before I go I’d like to give a quick update. First of all THANK YOU for the hundreds of you who are praying for us daily! It’s been an encouraging last 22 days!

Overall things have progressed and also become more complicated.

1) This Monday the 18th a building inspection on the Nagoya building will be performed. Then on Friday the 22nd we will receive that report and decide on an offer for the following week. It would take about 7 days for a response on our offer.

2) We have been getting advice on various issues regarding zoning on the building. It’s been quite complicated and there may need to be something similar to a rezoning requirement for us to use the building for particular uses. If so it COULD require quite an expensive ($175,000) reinforcing of the building structure. It is possible though that we can reduce our offer on the building by that amount (which we will learn after the building inspection report). Please pray for God’s wisdom and favor about this all.

3) Another two options on properties have emerged. One option in particular is intriguing. The location is not as good – about a 7 minute walk from the Shin-Sakae station and further from the popular Sakae area. But the building space is 20% larger (1000 square meters) and the building is newer (thus not needing any reinforcing and very little repairs). Also there would be no zoning issues. But it is likely more expensive. Pray for wisdom and clarity on whether to seriously consider this option!

4) Continued SERIOUS concerns with the US dollar/JPN yen exchange. We hit below 81 yen this week – unbelievable. Our budget in 2004 was pegged at 120 yen per dollar. Then in 2007 at 110 yen per dollar. Pray for God’s mercy, favor, and intervention if He so chooses! We may see many missionaries having to leave Japan temporarily or for good.

So it appears that there will not be completion by Oct 22nd the end of our 30 days of prayer. If you are willing/able to continue for another season of concerted prayer we would be incredibly thankful….

On behalf of the CBI team,



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