September 20, 2010: SETBACK… need for your prayers

Friends, last Thursday we received unexpected and discouraging news. The owners of the building apparently received a few inquiries about the property that led them to believe they were asking too little from the real estate development company. The result is that the sale was NOT finalized and the development company has withdrawn from the process realizing that they can not make a profit.

All is not lost, however. Our situation is that we are now in direct contact with the company to attempt to purchase from them. It is very likely that we will have to pay more. The question is how much more. We do not know how serious the other inquiries are. It is possible that it is a bit of a bluff, but we don’t know for sure.

Our plan of action is to arrange a building inspection asap. The results tend to take some time (possibly 5-7 days). After that we will make an offer incorporating the findings from the inspection.

Our concerns:

1) how serious are other possible suitors?
2) what price point is needed to purchase the property?
3) do we have enough money especially considering a higher price and also the losses from currency exchange

Please pray for us. I confess being quite discouraged when hearing the news. But we have not lost hope. We have faced setbacks and uncertainties throughout this journey, and God has been faithful and merciful. We will not doubt Him. And it is entirely possible that God has another plan than this property. But we will seek to do all in our power and in petition to Him to get this particular property.

So we feel the conviction to redouble our efforts in prayer. Thank you for your patience through this all. Would you please continue to persevere with us in prayer?

I will write again and will share a video about our situation. The purpose of the video is to give a more personal thank you to everyone, but it is also intended as a way to be able for you all to enlist the prayers of your network of friends. We need prayer. Would you help us towards that end?

We’ll be calling our friends and the broader church of Christ to bless us with up to 30 days of prayer. Lord willing we will have some resolution during that time. Again, thank you for the love, patience, grace, generosity, and kindness that you have shown to us. We are eternally grateful. And we humbly as for even more….


One Response to September 20, 2010: SETBACK… need for your prayers

  1. Dorothy says:

    Brother I am praying for you. I felt a particular drawing to your post. My sister in law, Akiko, was Japanese. She married my brother John Williams. Both are now deceased. A number of years ago I asked Akiko if she had accepted the Lord as her Savior and she said yes. I asked if she knew what Jesus did on the cross and did she accept His finished work and ask Jesus to be her Lord and Savior. A few years later, she was diagnosed with Alzheimers, but I am glad we had that coversation.

    Please know that I will be praying for divine and supernatural FAVOR.

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