September 13, 2010: Prayer for Important Meeting on 14th/15th / Update on Losses

Friends – thank you for your incredible patience as we travel on this journey together. As many journeys, it’s taken longer than we expected, but there have also been many unexpected blessings along the road as well as many wonderful new friends we’ve made along the way. Last week we heard that the company’s board did NOT finalize the issue of the sale of the building in their August meeting as we were hoping. So we were told that we would have to wait until their September board meeting at the end of this month.

However I just received an email that there will be a meeting in Japan on the 15th (not sure what time but likely it is late in the evening of the 14th in America) at the Tokyo headquarters to finalize the decision on the sale and if the sale is approved a decision on the timing of a sale. Our agent doubts that there is any hesitation to sell, but we must continue to press on in urgent prayer. We invite you to join us in fasting and prayer for this meeting and until the finalization of the initial sale between the company and the real estate development agency and the second sale between the agency and CBI. *** We will hear from our agent about the result of the Tokyo meeting on the 16th.

UPDATE on currency losses: the US dollar has continued to drop in value and has hit as low as 83.6. The translates into more than $130,000 in losses since May. We would appreciate your continued prayer for a dramatic increase in the exchange rate before the final payment is due possibly around early December.


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