July 26, 2010 update: PICTURES!!!

On the 23rd Joe Kim and Tom Shimatani were able to get inside the Nagoya building for the first time! And we are so encouraged because they both said that the condition was better than they were expecting – much better condition that the Shin Sakae property. We’ve given the real estate agent the “green light” that we are indeed wanting to purchase the building and that the developer and the company should move forward with finalizing their contract (Lord willing in the next week or two). Then it is our hope that we’ll sign our final contract sometime in mid-August. As we have information/details we’ll let you know! Please do keep praying until the final contracts are signed! Please also pray (as written below) for the additional funds that we are needing to raise. Also join us in praising God for a book donation that has been committed from the US. It is 150 linear feet of books from a very high quality theological library! We’re now looking into how we can have the books transported. We need 10,000 volumes for our accreditation.

Here are some pictures of the building inside and outside:

Picture 1: Nagoya Building and parking lot A on left

Picture 2: Side of Nagoya Building and parking lot B on right

Picture 3: 1st floor entrance/welcome desk

Picture 4: 1st floor – future home of Heart & Soul Cafe?

Picture 5: 2nd floor – future classrooms/offices?

Picture 6: 3rd floor – future worship/fellowship hall?

Picture 7: 4th floor (room 1 of 3) – future library/study spaces?

Picture 8: View from the roof! Nagoya Station Tower on the left! 40 story Toyota building on the right!


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