July 8, 2010 update – waiting… but some progress

Friends, thanks for your prayers and patience! As often happens in Japan things have taken longer than expected and hoped for – BUT as also often happens in Japan there has been slow, steady progress.

The most important good news is that the company has indeed approved sale of the property to the real estate development company! But before the final contract is signed they want the development company to see the property to make sure they (and we) are satisfied. It seems like more of a Japanese thing to request – basically wanting to make sure both sides are satisfied – to protect the relationship. But there’s always the small chance that there could be something wrong with the building – but that’s just conjecture. We have no indication or information that there is any problem.

So within the next two weeks someone from the company (based in Tokyo) will open up and show the building to the development company and we will tag along. If we are basically satisfied then they will finalize their contract (not sure what date) and then we will finalize our contract as well to purchase from the real estate developer.

Not sure what our timeline looks like except that the visit inside the building should happen in the next 2 weeks or so. Possibly their contract will be finalized within 2-3 weeks after that. Then another 2-3 weeks after that for our signing. We could be looking at a final contract signing (assuming everything goes smoothly) by the end of August???

But we’ve crossed it seems the first of the last three hurdles – the company decision being finalized. The final two are seeing the condition of the property and then the real estate developer honoring their contract with us. Before we were told by our agent that we were at 90% certainty of this all actualizing. Perhaps now we are somewhere near 95%? Thankful as always that God is COMPLETELY in control and is hearing our prayers. Lord, show us your glory!

We will update again as soon as we hear more news….


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