June 2, 2010 Update: Auction Begins on Option A; Waiting on Confirmation on Option B! Critical Time for Prayer!!!

We’ve come to the end of our 90 day prayer campaign without final resolution of our campus project, and so I write to ask that you join us for prayer overtime until there is resolution and God reveals His purposes.

It’s been quite a journey of faith – a wonderful revival of prayer – and a sweet time to trust in our Lord during times when we are unable to do anything on our own but wait and pray and wait.  God is sovereign, good, and wise.  To God be the GLORY!

Last Monday (5/24) we made an informal inquiry with the owner of the Nagoya building (option B) about a particular price range.  Tuesday (5/25) we found out that it was not received favorably.  In fact we learned that even before the property hit the market that the company is moving forward to sell to a real estate developer/agency that they have some close ties with.  We thought we had lost this opportunity.  But in a last ditch effort our agent approached the developer to see if they will sell to us after buying.  Thursday (5/27) we found out that the developer is very interested in selling to us and we can likely purchase at a very good price range.  This is also a big advantage for us as it allows us to have time for seeing inside the building (which we haven’t done yet), have an inspection (which we really want in order to reduce our risk), and have time to apply with the prefecture for tax exemption on the purchase (which can take up to 3 months).  All three of those factors would NOT have been possible if we bought directly from the company as they were eager to move the property quickly and easily without hassles that we would create.

The problem is that we need the owner and the developer to finalize their deal asap.  There is always the chance that one or the other will pull out.  We need to know by next Tuesday (6/8) all the details we can learn.


Because the Shin-Sakae property (option A) goes to auction TODAY (6/2) for one week ending 6/9.  If option B does not work out (or appears to not be certain) we may be compelled to enter the blind auction at some price range – or we could risk losing both options.  And in order to participate in the auction we have to put down a refundable $150,000 deposit on the 8th and have all the paperwork to submit on the 9th.


We continue at this point to favor option B because of the larger space and the proximity to Nagoya station.  Option A however remains a great option for us as well.

1) Pray that the owner of option B and the developer will have their contract signed or virtually decided by Tuesday 6/8.  (Side note: just yesterday Joe Kim was at the site and spotted a young man taking pictures of the property – we’re not sure what that means).

2) Pray for God’s protection and favor for the developer to definitely sell to us after that contract is finalized.  (After their deal is completed we will likely sign our contract with them at the end of June or early July – with final payment after our inspection and tax exemption are completed).

3) Pray for the opportunity for us to see inside the building and tie up as many loose ends as possible before our going to Philadelphia on June 15th as a family to start a 9 month furlough!

4) Pray for wisdom about possibly entering the option A auction – and at what price point

5) Pray that option B property is in very good condition and wouldn’t need major renovations

6) Pray for all the Gospel ministries that the Lord would grow in the future ministry campus – and that His glory will be revealed both in the campus purchase and in the ministries for decades and centuries to come here in Japan!

7) Pray for continued team unity and prayerfulness as we walk by faith in this journey….

Thank you for your continued prayers!

Michael, on behalf of the CBI Japan team

Prov. 21:1 The king’s heart is in the hand of the LORD; he directs it like a watercourse wherever he pleases.


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